Survey on Sexual Diversity, Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace

Five Latin American countries participated in the first survey conducted in the region, which seeks to create a registry on sexual diversity, harassment and discrimination in the workplace among the LGBTIQ community. The research and report was supported by UNAIDS and coordinated by the Argentinean organization Nodos Consultora.

The survey was created in 2019 and distributed in 2020 through different communication platforms. Argentina (Nodos Consultora), Brazil (Integra Diversidade), Colombia (Sentido), Mexico (Nodos) and Uruguay (MSN) participated. The information gathered was used to create reports for each country. In total, 1,584 people answered the questionnaire telling their good and bad experiences.

The comprehensive report includes a glossary of LGBTIQ terms and an introduction to the theoretical framework used to record the violation of people's rights. This introduction begins with this beautiful quote from Albert Camus:

“The only way to deal with this world without freedom is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

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