Elliot Page: ​​”The most significant difference is that I can now, simply, exist.”

Earlier this year the actor Elliot Page came out of the closet as a trans man to his audience, he asked them to start calling him Elliot and use the masculine pronouns with him. After this announcement on his social network he gave a couple of interviews where he told about his process, recalled very painful past experiences he had to deal with, but also claimed that today he is happier than ever.

During a dialogue with TIME magazine – of which he was on the cover – he said that for a long time he didn't recognize himself, that he felt a disconnect between what the world saw and how he felt. He suffered deeply from having to go to the awards ceremony because of how uncomfortable and painful it was to choose clothes and try to meet gender expectations. For this reason, he couldn't even look at a photograph of himself. He lived continuously exhausted by the simple fact of existing and therefore thought more than once about giving up acting.

In the interview he gave to Oprah last week, he says that for him it was extremely important to come out publicly as a trans person because although he knew that he was exposed to violent and hateful messages, he wanted to send a message of support to the community from his place of privilege. To be heard and to know the difficulties faced by people who have to go through this and to be able to support them.

He also revealed that this is the first time that he feels really present with people, that he can be really relaxed and have no anxiety. And this means that he has regained his desire to act, compose and write.

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