Collaborate with every

Every is LGBTIQ+ community, is a safe, friendly and free space that provides opportunities for everyone, without distinctions of any kind, for this reason we have a space for collaborators where you can contribute to the every community in a positive way, sharing your story, being the voice for those people who do not have, spreading our values, in fun or witty ways.

You can collaborate as an Influencer, as a Brand Ambassador or by working with us.


If you have followers and want to provide them with great experiences, get involved! Let's make our communities grow and become one. Win – Win – Win Your community wins because you bring them the best app experience. Win every one, because the more the merrier. You gain more visibility among other benefits, contact us now to start planning and doing things together.


Every is more than an app, we are a community with inclusive and respectful values that allows everyone to participate and feel the freedom to be who we are.

If you identify with our values of respect, inclusion, visibility, work, community and care you can participate by generating content to spread these values to the world. We can do great things together, contact us.

Work with us

Working with us is more than a job:
It's thinking of others to improve every day.
A great team is part of the success of our project, we are looking for those who share our values to continue building a community app, with contacts without barriers, diverse and innovative.

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