Anal sex: How to prepare correctly and what risks does it bring?

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Pleasure and sex are matters that are increasingly open to discovery and experimentation. Although anal sex is a practice that was relegated underground due to the taboo that revolved around it, sexual openness is allowing these experiences to be tried by more people.

Anal sex is an activity that is surrounded by myths and, being invisible, its correct information is not widely accessible.

That is why it is important to know that anal sex is not harmful to health, as long as it is done properly. Recently, on social networks like Twitter, a discussion about anal sex broke out, with the “enema” (or anal wash) as the protagonist.

On the one hand, some of the users said that the enema is essential to carry out any sexual practice that involves the anus, because feces are expelled there and it is “unhygienic” that there may be any trace of excrement.

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On the other, there were those who recognized the damage to health that this washing can bring so frequently and that in anal intercourse there is the constant possibility that there may be a mishap. Therefore, it is not possible to assign the blame to who plays the receptive role in the relationship, but rather it is a possibility that exists and that one must know how to cope with maturity and with emotional and sexual responsibility.

Anal sex is a common practice in the private life of many people, the anus has many nerve endings and hence satisfaction with stimulation or penetration occurs.

This pleasure occurs for two reasons, in the case of people with a vagina, penetration can indirectly stimulate the vaginal walls and “Point A”, which is between 12 and 15 inside it. In that of people with a penis, this practice can stimulate the prostate, through the Perineum or “P Point” that is 5cm from the anus, which can lead to an orgasm.

However, the anus is also the last part of the digestive tract and its main function is to expel waste from the human body after the digestion process. It is for this reason that when talking about receptive anal sex, a series of recommendations are usually made so that the rectum is “cleaner”.

What is the enema?

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It is an anal cleansing process that can be classified into two categories: those that are done at home and those that are done as part of a medical procedure. In the case of anal sex, the first is used, it is a practice where an instrument is inserted into the anus, with lubricant, to put liquid into the rectum and thus expel possible remains.

The most recommended element is a pump with a removable knob, due to its practicality and ease of disinfection. But, there are several other options that change based on time availability and price. However, it is important to highlight that its constant use can be risky for digestive health and that if it is going to be done, it must be done correctly.

How to do an enema?

  1. It is necessary to go to the bathroom before performing it, to evacuate waste naturally.
  2. Wash the perianal and rectal area with warm water using your finger.
  3. The enema must be filled with water, this must be at a warm or room temperature, since if it is very cold or hot it can cause damage.
  4. Before inserting the bulb, lubricant should be used so that pain and discomfort do not occur.
  5. It is important to be in a comfortable position, ensuring that the knob is located so that the liquid and not air enters.
  6. Introduce the water gently and in small amounts, so the enema will be only superficial and will not reach the intestine.
  7. After holding the water in for a moment, flush it out into the toilet.
  8. If the enema is reusable, wash and disinfect the product very well.

What are the risks of having an enema done?

According to Dr. Stephen Goldstone, a specialist in ano-rectal diseases, for Vibrations: performing an anal enema frequently can be harmful, this is because the feces lodge in the sigmoid colon, a part of the large intestine.

When water is introduced in large quantities, the lavage becomes deep and the liquid can reach that place, which produces long-term consequences, such as constipation and damage to the sphincters, the rings that open and close the anus. Also, according to the sexologist Ubal Araque, for Europa FM, the mucosa that covers the intestine can dry out, which causes small cuts and the bacterial flora is irritated.

The intestinal flora houses almost 400 species of bacteria, these are responsible for regulating the digestive system for proper functioning and are also involved in inflammatory or immune processes. Therefore, affecting the bacterial flora can have serious consequences for digestion and the immune response.

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So what is recommended to do?

First, it is important to know that anal sex must always be accompanied by a condom and lubrication, the lubricant must be water-based so that the latex does not break. In addition, the condom is a barrier between the penis, possible debris and injuries, which prevents infections or STDs.

Second, eat a healthy diet, full of fiber, which will allow the evacuation to be natural.

Third, be aware that there may be a risk of an “accident” and that it is natural for it to occur, so the situation must be handled with respect and maturity. However, this does not mean that there should be no cleaning, at least superficially, since there is a possibility of infection. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the perianal part with neutral soap and water.

There are other alternatives such as: fiber supplements, probiotics, laxatives and fasting, but these are options that should be discussed with your general practitioner and should also be used with great care.


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