Everything you need to know about depression

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Depression is a disease that must be taken care of, it is not a passing state of mind, nor is it a whim of the sufferer, it is something extremely serious that requires treatment and attention.

What is depression?

Depression is a disorder that directly affects people's behavior, thoughts, and feelings; they are alterations in the mood and generate a deep, persistent and prolonged sadness.

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How to know if you are in depression?

  • Fatigue and extreme tiredness
  • Excessive sleep problems
  • Negative feelings toward oneself such as guilt, worthlessness, or hatred
  • To feel down
  • Constantly thinking about death or suicide
  • Lack of concentration
  • Eating too much, too little, or not at all, which is reflected in weight gain or loss
  • Feeling down, hopeless, alone, or abandoned
  • Finding no motivation in any activity, not even those that used to make that person happy.
  • Gets irritated easily
  • Feel frustration

What is the cause of depression?

Gualberto Buela Casal and Juan Carlos Sierra Freire in their Psychological Evaluation and Treatment Manual speak of depression as a reaction to a negative psychosocial event.

This means that stress, a traumatic situation, a bad economic situation, a bad relationship or the death of a loved one can be the trigger for this disease.

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What are the types of depression?

According to the portal specialized in medical issues, the types of depression are:

  • Major depression: Occurs when feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with daily life for weeks or longer periods of time.
  • Persistent depressive disorder: This is a depressed mood that lasts for 2 years. Throughout that time period, you may have times of major depression along with times when symptoms are less severe.

Did you know that smiling depression exists?

This is an atypical depression, since the person hides from others the situation they are going through, they do not show any evidence of their sadness or suffering, on the contrary, they seem happy, in complete control of their life.

Normally, these people have low self-esteem, they respond that they are fine quickly, as if automatically without thinking much about what they feel, all the time they are doing some activity to keep their mind occupied and they are susceptible to criticism.

However, there are characteristics in common between depression and smiling depression, since people who suffer from it eat a lot, very little or not at all, which is reflected in weight gain or loss and they also have insomnia or excessive sleep problems.

What to do to combat depression?

Consulting a specialist is the best option. If the person thinks they have depression, it is important that they make an appointment with their psychologist who will diagnose what type of depression they have and see what treatment they require.

Although it is difficult to stay positive in those moments, it is important not to lose hope that things will improve, so the mind begins to fight negative thoughts.

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You have to avoid isolation and not make decisions that you may regret later.

Practicing a sport or going for a walk is an excellent option, even better if it is done in the company of someone who inspires tranquility; avoid situations that generate stress and remember that an important part of the process is sleeping and eating properly; being in treatment will help regulate these two aspects.

During this period, some people resort to alcohol or some substances that make them get out of reality or feel better for the moment, but when that effect wears off the feelings of hopelessness return with more intensity.

It is not only about going to a professional, the idea is to be totally honest and open, in addition to following all their recommendations and not missing any appointment; On the other hand, it is important to drain all those feelings, so you should look for someone you trust to vent.

This is one of the most common disorders in the world and the one that leads more people to suicide; if you have symptoms of depression schedule an appointment with your psychologist and do not normalize those negative, constant and repetitive feelings, although sadness is part of life it should not be the only thing we feel in our day to day, we all deserve more happiness and less hopelessness.


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